"I am the reason for Two Time Tack.  Because of that awful fitting saddle used on me many years ago, other horses can now be ridden pain and stress free.  My mum learned a lot from her experience with me.  She is sorry for the physical and emotional pain she caused me.  I have forgiven her and am glad she has helped so many other horses.  I feel good every time she tells me another success story."

"My back is really wide.  No one ever thought about that when they rode me.  I always tried to be good but my back hurt so much I couldn't stop being crabby.

Since I got my new saddle from Two Time Tack, fitted perfectly to me, I have turned into a real pleasant horse.  I now love being ridden.  I hope other horse owners care as mine did and find a saddle to fit their horse.  We can be such better partners when we're not in pain."


"When I came to live with my new person several years ago I was in pretty bad shape.  A bunch of kids had ridden me really hard.  I know they didn't mean to hurt me but because I was such a nice chap, I didn't know how to make them stop without hurting them.

I was so relieved when Two Time Tack came to help find me a saddle.  Prudence wouldn't even try one on my very sore back at first.  Only after I'd had the chance to heal did I get my new saddle.  It felt so good.  I can now have fun when I'm ridden.  I hope other horse owners call Two Time Tack as my owner did."

Stuart (Stuie)